Welcome to Small History

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle the adventures of a dad who, tasked with the challenge of entertaining his infant son, has taken to the road. Sometimes the best way to calm a distressed infant, as any parent will tell you, is to buckle them into a car and just drive. These are the experiences of a father and son who take long drives across the island to explore historical minutia.

This is not a blog dedicated to the stars of Long Island history. We will not be discussing the Big Duck, the Gold Coast mansions, or the Montauk Lighthouse. This is the story of our island’s small survivors; the little pieces of this island’s past that no federal grant or historic preservation society would even dream of protecting. We are here to celebrate these unsung remnants from our heritage. We are here to see what rusted iron fences, concrete slabs and humble trees can teach us about our collective history.

So we welcome you to our page, and invite you to explore the miniature treasures that Long Island’s small history has to offer you. Because ultimately, the best way to learn about greatness is by studying trivia. Come back often, and enjoy!

Small Rob and Big Rob



4 Responses to About

  1. Jeanne says:

    Thank you Rob. …this blog is wonderful for my memories of home. I miss L.I. and am greatful to see & hear about all the quirky things you are doing.
    Great job by the way!!!!

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